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Tourist Guide, web hosting, and information for the Koutouloufari business community

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Advertising on the Koutouloufari Web Site......

With the Internet, millions of potential clients can be reached cheaply and effectively and we believe the cost to advertise on a web site should be priced accordingly! The existing web site www.koutouloufari.gr comes out in 9th place on Google (ignoring the paid link at the top!), when you search for ‘Koutouloufari Crete’, so it appears on the all important first page and searchers will always tend to go to a dedicated web site first, rather than any other.

Our aim is to keep this ranking or higher so that every business in Koutouloufari becomes easily visible to anyone searching for information on the village, or the immediate area and this means visitors both old and new!

Prospective visitors do not only search during the summer months, many spend the winter months planning their trip so it important to act now ready for next season!

We can offer three plans for advertising

1. Classified advertising in A-Z order using your business card - Cost per year €20 Classified ads will also appear on the home page rotating randomly

2. Full page listing*, with up to 6 photographs of your shop and a written description - Cost per year €80

3. Banner advertising with click through to your own web site - Cost per year €20

*Note the full page listing will appear as a sub-domain of the Koutouloufari web site so you will have your own URL similar to www.onomasas.koutouloufari.gr You can also have your own email address in the form onomasas@koutouloufari.gr at no extra charge.

Already have your own web site? We can provide web space from €20 per year with up to three email addresses, all pages on the web site should bear the text ‘Hosted at www.koutouloufari.gr’ and give a link through to this web site.  
All about web cameras......

We cameras are a very effective tool for drawing visitors both old and new to a web site. One web camera can receive up to 4500 views per month in high season, and up to 1500 per month in winter!

At present there is no camera for Port Hersonissos, so we will be the first to provide one. There must be someone who is here all year round (nearly) who can install one!

We need 4 or 5 web cameras around the area including one which must operate all year round.

You will need a pc and a good web camera (not the one already fitted in your laptop!) and also an ADSL (always on connection). The camera and pc should be on 24/7 and be able to transmit as picture every 30 minutes as least. We will provide you with the necessary software and set it up for you.

If you provide a web camera then your advertising will be FREE, and you will have naming rights. Your business name will appear at the bottom of the picture and will be on display for thousands of visitors per month!
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